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Sunday, January 29, 2012

My 3 finalists 4 PROJECT tradeshow X Azalea

Mañana,  los jueces de PROJECT elegirán a los 3 finalistas de la campaña con & Azalea .

Como blogger y amante de la moda que soy , me gusta ver , analizar y discutir cualquier outfit , y me gusta también apostar por quién ganará este proyecto y se irá a San Francisco y aparecerá en Las Vegas .

Ya sea por como están tomadas las fotos , los sentimientos o sensaciones que éstas transmiten , los outfits ... y teniendo en cuenta que seguramente los jueces elegirán a un chico y dos chicas ... mis tres finalistas son :

Tomorrow three finalists will be chosen by PROJECT judges on the PROJECT x & AZALEA contest .
Like a fashion blogger am i , i like to bet who will win this contest ... whatever the pictures are taken , the feelings that they transmit , the outfits , etc ... and sure i really think that they'll only choose one man between two women ... my three finalists are :

Olivia L , from Los Angeles

Between all girls that i saw , think the best outfit is this one ,  i believe  that this pics matches great with that thing PROJECT is looking for its tradeshow at Las Vegas

Courtney , from Los Angeles

 i don't like this outfit a lot , but really think that is what judges are looking for 

Men is more difficult to choose only one , think that there are better outfits and judges must to choose two men , but  that  is really really difficult , so i am between three possibilities :

Kiko C. , from Manila

The pictures , the street-style  and the feelings its transmit are greats

Rob.A , from Europe

the outfit isn't a wonderful ( i think ) , but the pictures , the attitude of the man , once again the feelings that its transmit to people ... i really think Rob can win 

And finally , Me

Of course i think i can win , talking about outfits i totally believe that mine is the best , and i don't tell it 'cause is me , i just say what i think and of course if i believe that another is better i'll say to you no doubts , but this time , seeing other men outfits i think mine is better .

U can see here all the entries for the contest , tomorrow we'll know the three finalists ! .

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