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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

i'm in Leon for two days at the SPA

Mañana me voy a León dos días en los que aprovecharé para descansar un poco en el Spa, relajarme y escapar de la ciudad que estos días me tiene un poco aturdido. Siguen faltando fotos de Dublín, Benidorm y muchos outfits, así que seguid atentos al blog !

Fotos de mi última visita a Leon .

Tomorrow i go to Leon two days for some relaxing at the Spa and to scape of the noise and extres of the city , i really need it . I still have to show u a lot of pictures of Dublin, Benidorm and of course outfits, so stay tuned to the blog !

Pics about my last visit to Leon.

PD : Comments server is offline , sorry about that, hope i can fix it later.

 This little rabbit came with me to Valladolid (:

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