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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Why does not works the comments entries ?

Many of you ask me everyday why doesn't works the comments , it is 'cause the first day i created the domain and upload things to the blog you can hire a server for the comments entries, you have differents sizes, and it is like a download server, if you upload a movie in one server, a lot of people can download it, so if 500 persons download the movie, the server will work perfect, but if the movie is downloaded by 5000000 persons the server breaks down and it doesn't work . So that is whats happens with the comments server: i hire a small size for all who sing everyday in the entries, so the server of the comments is off . The company with i work with is on it and i think the next week it will works again , sorry once and if you want to ask me something just send me an email to !

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