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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Lookbook X Blackmilk Halloween Contest

Like every years and every Halloween time, the website is organizing a special collaboration because of this special festival that Halloween is .
This year the partner is Blackmilk , take a look into the website because it's awesome all the clothes and photography they have.
So all you have to do is to be a member of Lookbook, that it's a thing no everybody can be, and create  an outfit for the occasion , if the judge like it you will win special prizes , just go to the website of the contest and read more ...

If you want to remember good days , you can see my Halloween outfit i did 2 years ago for Lookbook in collaboration with American Apparel , if you can remember i was one of the ones that lookbook chosen for the contest, no everybody can take a place in, so for me was a great opportunity to show my skills ! , just click in the picture to see all photos from the photoshoot . This year i'm not taking place in the contest but i'll be following it for sure, i really love how people play with fashion and make amazing things, and, in lookbook there are a lot of awesome people like that, can't wait to see the first looks !

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