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Monday, December 30, 2013

[2013 Recap] My top 5 of places i've been this year

So i'm going to write some post of best places, outfits ... about this year that is finishing, today i want to share with you the top 5 places i have visited in this 2013. It wasn't really a great year talking about travels and holidays, you can just remember the last year : California, L.A, Vegas, Disneyland Anaheim, DisneyLand Paris, France, Dublin ... it was amazing . But this is my last year of the university so i didn't have a lot of spare time to travel, anyway these are my favorites places i've been this year !

N.5 Benidorm (Alicante)

I always go there all summers for one or two weeks, the best place to get relaxed with family and friends

click the photo to go to the post .

N.4  Madrid

I was so many times in Madrid this year, but there were two times so special, one for CaroleCervera and the other for Alexandra from LovelyPepa

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N.3  Cliffs of Moher

Located in Ireland, an awesome place .

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N.2  A Coruña

All Christmas and summers  i go there, this summer i couldn't go 'cause i was in Dublin but i stayed for last Christmas, A Coruña is my favorite place in Spain .

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N.1  Dublin

i think i don't have to say anymore .. :D

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