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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

[2013 Recap] Top 5 Outfits i wore this year

It's very complicated to choose only 5 outfits i did this year because i like all of them, but let's try ! I think these five would be the winners :

N5. Summer Outfit

N.4  The outfit for the cliffs

click the photo to go on

N.3  Trinity 

N.2  Radioactive outfit collection

N.1  Themintstreet X skater

My absolutely favorite of this year not only for the importance that this outfit has, but i really love the work i did for this company and the final result


i want to include this last photoshoot too : Story of my life, i don't considerate it really an outfit post becuase you can't see the whole look and the color,etc  ... but i really like the photos and the context of these two pictures 

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