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Wednesday, January 01, 2014


So Finally it's here, a new year, 2014, new hopes, wishes, dreams ... and we have to work hard to make them come true, it's the only way. 2013 for me was a good year i will always remember. It helped me in all senses of life, personal and professional above all : i started working with more important companies in the fashion business, the blog was 2 years and i think it will be one hundred more :D, I learned how to work  to get what you want and the reward at the end of that hard-working. For me this year was full of new experiences, you can read the post of 2 years to know more about my last year of work with the blog. Also don't forget to take a look to my top 5 outfits and places for the last 2013.

Happy new year !!

If we talk about the personal side, the most important thing happened to me it's that i'm an uncle now ! my sister had a new born the last october and it's a so so beautiful feeling that i can not explain. The city of Dublin is another unforgettable thing, the two months i spend there this summer was really one of the best moments in my whole life, and if i already knew that i love that city, staying there two months just corroborated my feelings, people, style, shops, the streets, parties ... i'm really thinking about the possibility of going there for a while when i finish my studies in February. But above all of these things it's important to remember that we need people around us and i have the best ones: my family and friends that always stay with me and the most important thing, take care of me when i'm bad or in a weakness moment, also new friends i just met this year, and i have to say that they made me more happy than ever. I'm really grateful of having them with me. I can only wish for this new year the same best things happened the last one, and i believe it's going to be an amazing year full of new changes in my life ... because i'm going to work hard to make it true. The last thanks is for all of you that always read my blog and send me emails, twits and hype my looks on Lookbook : I'm nothing without you.  U R the best always, really thanks so much for stay with me year by year, let's work for this new one !!

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