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Monday, January 13, 2014


This part of Dublin is one of my favorites, Docklands are situated near the city centre, you just have to walk ahead on O'Connel Bridge. I like sea and modern buildings, and it is what you have at Docklands, museums, shopping, amazing bridges, beautiful buildings...  there is even a great ship where you can have lunch or dinner or just one paint of Guinnes! i just can love it. So as i promised you i'm going on with the posts about Dublin. Next post will be about Dublin Zoo, there are a lot of things you can see in this city!.

 From here you can see the Custom house and the spire

 This is Calatrava bridge, the spanish constructor built it !

 How about drinking a paint of Guinnes a board that ship enjoying the fantastic views? 

Next to Docklands, there is Tara Station, one of the Dart's stops ( a kind of train that travel around closely towns and villages)

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