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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Renewing the blog from the beginning

Hey guys !, sorry for this late upload !, me and the staff of the blog are working and thinking in new ways of connect the work we do with you, new social networks, new websites ... also we are going to change the way you knew the blog and post, photography .... We are going to renewing this project from the beginning ! so stay tuned. There are some changes such as the twitter accounts, from right now my personal twitter doesn't exist, you can follow as always the official twitter account : @themintstreet. Also we are thinking about the possibilities that facebook gives to us, but right now i don't have a personal facebook neither the blog. So follow the instagram as always you did and twitter too. We'r going to start it again and do the things better !, just wait a little more !.

i've got a lot of work to show to all of you!

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