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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Few days Off !


photo taken from:

Eso que veis en la foto es mi próximo destino, una isla paradisiaca de Grecia: Halkidiki. Ahí estaré durante una semana, en la que no actualizare el blog ya que quiero unos días de relax sin hacer absolutamente nada! jaja. Esperad a la vuelta para ver todas las fotos, vídeos y demás material que ire compartiendo. Nos vemos a la vuelta !

So that what you can see at the picture is my next destination, paradise? :D. An island in Greece: Halkidiki. It's the place I'll be for a week just relaxing myself!, no computer or blogging!, so you will have to wait just one week to see all the pictures videos and stuff I'll share with all of you guys at my return. Have a nice week and see you soon !

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