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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

La Belle Rome (I)


So few weeks ago I was in Rome, Italy. What can I say about this city? It's magic !. Dont' know what it is but there is something in this place, something special. I really am looking forward to go back soon to explore more and more all the spots in Rome!. 

My favorite place by far was the monumento Nazionale a Vittorio Emanueale II. I was expecting more for the colosseum and Fontana di Trevi was closed for construction :( . Anyway I have to discover what this city has to be that special. I fell in love with the atmosphere, monuments ... I swear I don't know really how, but Rome is really special place.

 I made these two collages with the app for iphones "moldiv", really nice one !

 monumento Nazionale a Vittorio Emanueale II. You can not appreciate this in the picture, but trust me when I say that this building is just huge, it's incredible the size, the details it has. I was fascinated. I couldn't take a better picture as I only had my 18mm lens so I took this one with the mobile. 

What I bought !, one sweater and one t-shirt. Love the burdeux one to be honest. It's so beautiful!

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