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Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Recap , The best of the year !

2015 RECAP

So lets begin the countdown to 2016 with this 2015 recap! . What can I say about this year? . I remember myself last year at this time writing here my wishes and thoughts about what 2015 was going to bring. Well, I have to say it was completely different as what I had expected.  I will remember this year because all my trips and countries I have visited, to be honest it was too much. I think I have never travelled as much as this year. I started 2015 living in Dublin (Ireland) and visiting Norther Ireland ( United Kingdom) so many times (Belfast, Giant Causeway, Titanic museum...). After some months living there I came back to Spain and spent an amazing days with my best friend Jameel in Galicia ( Where I am from) and Toledo, city that I will always remember ( a long story... haha). After that I went to Greece for a week and Italy ( Love Rome!!!).  In summer I was traveling around Spain, places like Salamanca, A Coruña... . And after all of that I went to spend 2 months in USA living with my brother in Boston ! ( the best travel ever), I visited New York City for my very first time and Went to Canada as well ! . So 7 countries ( Ireland, UK,Spain,Greece,italy,USA,Canada) and two continets (America, Europe) I guess it's not so bad ! :P

Talking about the blog and collaborations it was also the best year ever. Firstly I didn't show you yet but I have my own magazine ! ( you can see it in the picture)  how crazy is that?!. I have collaborated with new brands as Coca cola, Walgreens, Gearbest or the UCONN (you will see soon our video collaboration) and keeping the other companies I was working with. My instagram is now my favorite social networking (more than the blog!) all of you made it till almost 20K followers, I remember I started the year with less than 8k. I know We can do it better and for sure I know at the end of 2016 you will be the double or triple ! (hope so). 

About my private life I am also so happy, I have found finally a really good squad and keeping my family closer than ever !. My best friend is now living in Salamanca and We have plans to rule the world this year 2016, can't wait ! and as it happened last year, I have came across with amazing and beautiful people I will barely forget. I believe know that "Everything happens for a reason" and I learned not matter what, you can't fight against your heart, because as the song from Selena which I love, "the heart wants what it wants".

I'm so thankful for everything happened to me this year. I don't know what is coming in 2016, but I hope I can do it as well as I did it this year. I want to go back to Dublin and start my life there maybe for a couple of years. So let's see if next year at this time my dream came true.

I wish all of you a really amazing New Year and to have a great New Year's Eve guys

All the best

HAPPY 2016 !

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