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Friday, December 11, 2015

JFK Museum, Boston


The JFK museum is located in Columbia Point at Dorchester in Boston. To come here you will need to take the train (subway) with the red line and go off in JKF/UMASS stop. Once there, you will see free shuttles to take you to the museum.  I don't remember the standard price to come inside this museum but it was around 10 $ and I can say it's a good museum but it doesn't worth it more than 5$ for the ticket. I had library card so for me the ticket  was just 3$. 

Once inside you have at first to see a short movie about his life (10 minutes long), I have to say it's a really good one and it's an entertainment film. It finishes with his election campaign as then you can see by yourself how it was looking in that days, just like the pictures you can see here.

you can also see different places like the Oval Office or interesting things just such as the covers of the newspapers when the very first man stepped on the moon, there is a small piece of the moon as well !

If you have the library card I really recommend you to come to this museum as you can spend a good morning of history for a cheap price. It will not take you more than 2 hours to see the whole museum and the store in a relaxing way .

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