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Wednesday, January 06, 2016

[RECAP 2015] Top 7 Trips !

[RECAP 2015] Top 7 TRIPS

So it's not a secret last year I've travelled a lot !, but now I have to choose the best trips I did, I can't just chose one, so I though about a top 5, but then I realized I needed more... haha so okey here it is the Top 7 trips of 2015 !


My favorite city in the whole world may be Dublin, it's the most special place I've ever been and there are a lot of memories I can never forget and people I came across who are really special for me now. I have no words to describe Dublin. You have several post on the blog about it !


A Coruña is with no doubt my favorite city of Spain. I used to live there and all the summers I went there with my family for two months, so I have a lot of  moments and memories that will stay with me forever. 


It was a dream came true !. I was in the center of the world, the city that never sleeps !! . How cool is this place? , everything is HUGE !. No words to describe this trip. I couldn't show you yet anything about it because I still have a lot of stuff from Boston, but it's coming in these days !


Boston is such a magical place !. I love the history behind any building or street. You have a lot of free tours to get to know the city better and a lot of things to do. I went to Salem, MIT, Harvard... and a lot of places near Boston as well !

5- ROME 

I was in Rome just a couple of days and I really loved it !. I don't know how to describe this place, but everything is so so beautiful and romantic !. The perfect city to go with your girlfriend ! :P


The same as New York. I din't have time yet to retouch all the pictures of Canada !. It's coming soon. I went to Quebec and cities near from there. The nature and landscapes are amazing in Canada. Realle really beautiful !! <3


Well ... What can I say about Greece? Sun,drink,eat,sleep and repeat !! . I went to Kassandra Island and as you can imagine is the perfect spot to get relaxed and do nothing ! :D

pd: Click the pictures to see more !

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