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Thursday, July 14, 2016

10 things about Leeds (UK)


So as many of you know I'm living in Leeds (UK) at the moment and I found really useful to write an article about different things to do here and some info or curiosities !, this is my top 10 list :D

1- For the mobile phone, you can use a unlock phone and buy just the sim, there are tons of companies with good deals either bill payment or pay as you go. I have pay as yo go and just paid 10 pounds for 10 GB of data and unlimited calls and texts with EE. I have to top up every month to keep using it. It's the best option if you are going to stay here for a couple of months as for Bill payment you will need a bank account from UK.

2- Leeds is a really small city, you can walk all around the city centre with no problems, also the train station and bus station are really close to the main street of the city, just 10 minutes walking. The main squares are Millennium Square and behind it, Victoria square. There you will find the Town hall or the art gallery or the main museum of the city (free entrance :D) among other buildings. 

3- There are a lot of shops and restaurants from USA, for example you have krispy kreme or Dunkin Donuts, Victoria's Secret, 5 guys … The main shopping centre is Trinity Leeds but there are also two more within 5 minutes walking distance, The light and the Merrion Centre.

4- The normal price for a paint of beer here is between 3,50 and 5 pounds, depends on the place you go it could be more or less. You can drink also cocktails or anything you want ! A good thing about bars and nightclubs here is that they have tons of variety of beers, cider or cocktails, so just choose your favorite.

5- Smoking here is so expensive, a packet of cigarettes,depends on the brand, costs around 10 pounds.

6- There is a great books store in the city centre (Waterstones) that is at the same time a library and there is a costa cafe inside. You can go there, have a coffee and read any book, magazine or comic for free! (and as I just said it's a book store so they have the latest books). There are several sofas to relax there with the coffee and a good book. It's a must. I go really often to this store-library.

7- Roxys is one of my favorites bars here, you can play beer pong o just ping pong inside the bar and in the upper floor you can play mini golf!. It's the first bar I know that you can play mini golf inside. It's really cool and fun and for sure it's not a normal thing to do that, so it would be a great experience to play mini golf at the same time you are drinking a beer !, it's crazy! :D .

8- The alchemist at Trinity Leeds is a really good place for drinks, they prepare them like potions mixing different colors and drinks... I don't know how to say it but it's so curious and fun to see it!, they are delicious for sure.

9- Leeds is really great communicated with the rest of UK, you can go by train to Liverpool, York, Manchester, Newcastle, Edimburgh, London … and it’s not that expensive, from Leeds to manchester a return ticket should be around 12 pounds. The bad thing is that it's not that well connected to Spain, there are some direct flights from Barcelona, Malaga, Alicante (above all the south and the islands) but for example there is not one from Madrid to Leeds, so maybe you will need to fly to manchester or London and get a train from there to Leeds. 

10- The yorkshire accent (the local accent of the native people living here) is so hard to understand, I think it's worst than irish and that's big talk! haha. When you arrive here you will need a couple of weeks to start getting used to it!, you can search for "yorkshire accent" on youtube and you will notice what I mean.

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