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Monday, July 25, 2016

York through my camera ! (I)


York is the capital of North Yorkshire County. It's located just 20 minutes by train from Leeds and trust me it is worth a visit !. York is a medieval city, plenty of history,tails, fantasy and mystery.
You can visit the city in just one day, it's really small!. Don't forget to visit the York Minster, the York Castle museum and gardens or the street that was inspirational for J.K.Rowling when creating Harry Potter's Diagon Alley: The shambles. 

York Minster is the cathedral of York

York Castle museum gardens

You can take the York city bus sightseeing to not miss anything ! Also you have the art Gallery or a chocolates factory among other museums. If you want to visit everything you may need two days!

Beautiful views from the York Walls 

Details of the medieval houses!. In the next post about York you'll se more about the Shambles. Don't miss it !

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