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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Newcastle through my camera (II) !


Newcastle is a really beautiful city located at the north side of England. You may know about this city because of the show Geordie Shore, "thanks" to them now people call the citizens of Newcastle "Geordies". Don't you know what is a Geordie? usually they are people really fit, beautiful and with a good style!. This city is also famous for its nightlife and lots of pubs and nightclubs. Also one of the main streets of the city "Grey st" was named the most beautiful street of England the last year. So if you want to spend a great day I invite you to come to Newcastle, you may be surprised by this city

This is the second post about this city, check the first one here !

All these photos are from the Quayside, my favorite part of the city, with all the bridges and wonderful views :D

There is another post more coming next week about Newcastle ! :D

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