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Monday, September 12, 2016

Liverpool through my camera (II) !


Welcome to Liverpool and where the legend of the Beatles started !. This city breathes music, history and beer. Tons of places to visit but still not a big city, you can see the most important things in one day, but if you really want to enjoy this city, I think you'll need at least two. Also I didn't find it a modern city but "old". A lot of buildings still remain and look like the same as 60 years ago: The Empire Theatre or the town hall are just two examples of this. 

Let's discover Liverpool through these 3 post !, today is the 2nd one :D

 That tower is the Radio City Tower, you can go up there to have great views for the city!

All the dock area is really beautiful when in a sunny day. Tons of activities to do or just drink a pint with this views ! :D

Coming soon the third and last one post about this wonderful city !

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