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Monday, September 19, 2016

Liverpool through my camera (y III) !


Welcome to Liverpool and where the legend of the Beatles started !. This city breathes music, history and beer. Tons of places to visit but still not a big city, you can see the most important things in one day, but if you really want to enjoy this city, I think you'll need at least two. Also I didn't find it a modern city but "old". A lot of buildings still remain and look like the same as 60 years ago: The Empire Theatre or the town hall are just two examples of this. 

This is the last post about this city, but make sure you see the other two post !, here for the 2nd

The Cavern is one of the most amazing pubs I've ever been into. It's so big, full of people at anytime and full of live music and beer !. If you go to Liverpool, you definitely should go to this place. It's famous because it's the place where the Beatles started to play music and became famous, also it's a small museum (and store) with tons of things related to the Beatles. Outside, just in front of the main door there is the statue of John Lennon. 

At the Dock you can book this apartments with all the utilities and facilities ! :D

The Beatles everywhere!

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