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Wednesday, October 05, 2016

A Coruña, I love you


As many of you know, All my family and me were born in Galicia. Althought We had to move to Valladolid when I was very very young, A Coruña has always been inside my heart. These pictures are from 3 weeks ago, mid September as I spent some days in my city. At the moment I'm in Valladolid finishing some work, and I'll go back To Coruña in a week or so.

 This is Hercules' Tower, the oldest lighthouse that still works !

This is one of the latest tattoos I got. You have a full post about them in case you missed it!

Los Cantones is my another fav place in the city!

and food .... food and food ... Tons of food ! haha. A Coruña is really good for food, I love so many places here to have lunch or going for tapas such as Cambalache, Gasthof, la bombilla... If you like seafood you will love A Coruña too ! :D

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