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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

[2016 RECAP] Top 6 trips from 2016 !


So this last year I had the lucky to travel and travel !. Above all I as traveling around the UK. I as living there for 6 months and had the chance to visit the north of the country and amazing cities and places!. I didn't travel as much as I did the year before (2015), but again, these are my favorites places I've been this last year !

6- A Coruña
So at this moment i'm living here, that doesn't count as a trip, I know. But I've been a few times this year in this city as well, so that counts! And as many of you know, I'm just in love with this place because of all the memories I have from my childhood. So this city counts as one of best places I've been this last year :D.

5- York
This is a medieval city located at the north side of England. I was living really close, in Leeds. So I came over a few times. I loved its atmosphere and the Shambles, the street that is really similar than Diagon Alley, from Harry Potter !

Waaaaaa how beautiful is Lisbon?!. I loved its unique style and beautiful portuguese people. I think It's a big city but everything in city centre are near from each other. And It's one of the most important cities in Portugal. I really recommend coming over this city if you have the chance!. You have tons of post about Lisbon on the blog.

Well, London is one of the most beautiful capitals I've ever been. Maybe is the most beautiful one, but I really won't live here because is too much for me. It's really big and always have the feeling that there is too many people, too less space for walking, too many subways, too many of everything. It's huge !! I really love this city but just for visiting and staying there for one or two weeks.

2- Liverpool
The city of the Beatles!. What can I say about Liverpool? It's a really worth trip. People, musicians, atmosphere... there is one street that reminds me to Temple Bar in Dublin. The cavern is just the best pub I've ever been (and I was living in Dublin for one year) and I din't find this city as expensive as others as Manchester for example or for sure London.

1- Newcastle
This was my absolutely favorite city I've traveled to in 2016. Just loved it !! and you have 3 post about this amazing place on the blog.

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