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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Truth


Out of focus

Bad postures/gestures

Bad postures + ugly + Out of focus

Just the worst ! haha

So this is the real world ! Did you think all the photos I show on my instagram or blog were that perfect ? NO !, NEVER, and please don't think that all the bloggers/models you follow on the social media are that perfect as they share at their profiles. This is the truth behind ANY photoshoot, out of focus pictures, bad postures or gestures , looking ugly, looking horrible + ugly+ out of focus or things that can happen as the last photo (my favorite! haha) with that man going to get his car and didn't give a fu*** about my photo :D . I wanted to show all of you this other face about the "fashion" and "good" photographies/life&style I show on my blog. Remember that there is always another face of the things, that no every photo is good or real ... this is the truth behind my blog and all my photos. 

If you like this post, maybe I'll share a second part, who knows ! :D I have tons of bad (horrible) photos waiting for something special ! haha

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