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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Social Networking


So the most of you guys, already know where to find themintstreet in the social networks , but I know there are new people coming everyday, so this is a post for them, to know which are the official accounts of the blog in Twitter, Facebook and Instagram ! :D

TWITTER : @themintstreet

I don't use it a lot, but Everyday I try to post two tweets linked to Facebook about old post or outfits that you may lost, so it's a good chance to see my travels or old outfits.

FACEBOOK PAGE: themintstreet by Iago Liz

I post here the same stuff than twitter, so you know: old outfits, travels, tips, style guide ... 

INSTAGRAM: @themintstreet /iago liz

The main social network of the blog, I try to post 3-4 photos per week, you will see exclusive photos here, so stay tuned !

I used to have Snapchat too but as many of you know , I don't use it anymore. 

These are the only accounts I use on social Media, so if you see others one out there, please report them and send me a message as well, thank you guys and see ya ' around !

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