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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The truth 2 !


that grandma looking mint ! :D

So a few months ago I showed to you a new post named "the truth", where I talked about the truth behind my photos and photoshoots. And believe me this truth is not only mine, You can bet that all the models and bloggers you follow are the same!, this is the real world and it's impossible to be that perfect or always with that smooth skin as you can see in all the pictures, anytime, anywhere. 

Because you guys told me that loved the first post, I wanted to create a new one with the last "trash photos" I have from other past photoshoots. So here you have and remember , you don't have to look perfect in all the photos, just show yourself as you are and everything will be fine !

You never can see your "duck face" when the sun just kill your eyes, but it's like this, u r welcome!

OMG, no comments 

You can take a look to the first part here

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