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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Islas Cíes through my camera !

Islas Cíes through my camera !

Islas Cíes ( or Cíes Islands ) are located in Vigo. You will need to take a boat there to reach the islands. There are three islands, Monteagudo, do Faro and San martiño. They were declared a nature reserve in 1980 and of course they are a must-see if you come to Galicia ! :D

To reach the islands you need first go to Vigo, you have some post on the blog about this city, and then take a boat from the harbor. There are different timetables and two different companies which go to the islands, the travel time is about 45 minutes. But 45 minutes with incredible views :D

 You need to know, there aren't bins in the island, you will need to keep all your trash inside a bag or whatever and take it back with you to Vigo. It's forbidden to throw cigarettes or bags or anything to the floor. As you will see there, everything is absolutely clean. 

Once you reach the islands you have several activities to do. When you get your tickets they will give you a map of the islands and there you can read as well the different routes availables for walking. The most common one is the light house road, which is a easy walk and takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete it.

You can sleep here in a camping ! It's private and you have to pay for it, you will need to bring your own stuff to the islands for that and also all the food or drinks (still there is a small bar in the island, but of course not supermarket or any store).  

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